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Unit: 4.8

Operations with Whole Numbers

In this unit students

•  solve multi-step word problems posed with whole numbers and having whole-number answers using the four operations, including applications in measurement, unit conversions and problems involving multiplicative comparison;
•  achieve fluency with addition and subtraction of whole numbers.

The main focus of this unit is standard 4.OA.A.3, which is a pinnacle standard for grades K–4. This standard calls on students to use much of what they’ve learned throughout the grade, as well as previous grade’s learning, in order to solve multistep word problems using the four operations. Students represent problems using equations with letters for unknown quantities and assess the reasonableness of answers using mental computation and estimation strategies. This is an opportunity for students to do additional work with unit conversions, applications in measurement, multiplicative comparison. It is in this unit that achievement of fluency with addition and subtraction of multi-digit whole numbers is expected.

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