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Section: A1.6.10

Choosing the most convenient form (optional)

Select find a function that matches a given graph (F-IF.B.4$^\star$, F-LE.A.3).

This section can be used at the end of the unit or intermittently throughout the unit to reinforce different aspects of quadratic functions (and other functions) using technology. The Daily Desmos challenges here mostly contain quadratics, but a few have either linear or exponential components making them a perfect opportunity to think through other types of functions they learned more about in previous units or grade levels and compare them with their new knowledge of quadratics.

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External Resources

1 Daily Desmos Matching


WHAT: Daily Desmos is an ongoing game where the player is given a graph, and uses Desmos or another graphing calculator to find an equation or system of equations that matches the graph.

In addition to the link given above, the following would also be good Daily Desmos problems:








WHY: Daily Desmos activities give students practice writing quadratic functions in various forms and selecting most appropriate form for a given graph (F-IF.B.4$^\star$, MP5). They also give students an opportunity to revisit and contrast with the graphs of and expressions for linear and exponential functions (F-LE.A.3$^\star$).