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Section: A1.6.11

Summative assessment

Assess students' ability to

• generate functions given graphs and graphs given functions (A-CED.A.2$^\star$, F-IF.C.7a$^\star$, F-IF.C.8, F-BF.A.1a$^\star$, F-BF.B.3);
• interpret expressions for quadratic functions in terms of a context it represents (A-SSE.A.1$^\star$);
• express quadratic functions in different forms for different purposes (F-IF.C.8);
• solve modeling problems using quadratic functions (F-IF.B.4$^\star$, F-BF.A.1a$^\star$).

External Resources

1 Fall of Javert Projects


As an alternative to a traditional summative assessment students could revisit The Fall of Javert to apply their understanding from this unit to some real-world questions.  • In “Defying the Law (of Gravity),” students figure out where Javert’s fall would have made sense. They figure out what the acceleration due to gravity would have to be, and then look for places in the solar system where that is true.  • In “Actually, It Is Rocket Science,” students construct stomp rockets, launch them, and figure out how high they went.

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