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Section: A1.6.6

Mid-unit assessment

Assess students' ability to

• write, use and interpret quadratic function that models a given context (A-CED.A.2$^\star$, F-IF.B.4$^\star$, F-BF.A.1a$^\star$);
• express quadratic functions in equivalent forms and choose an appropriate form for a given purpose (A-SSE.A.1$^\star$, A-SSE.A.2, A-SSE.A.3);
• differentiate between graphs and tables of values for linear, exponential, and quadratic functions (F-LE.A.3$^\star$);
• label features of the graph of a quadratic function with key vocabulary words (axis of symmetry, vertex, maximum, minimum, x-intercept, y-intercept) (F-IF.C.7a$^\star$).