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Choral Counting

Alignments to Content Standards: K.CC.A.1


The teacher will need a 100 chart or large number line and a pointer.

As a whole group, have students chant the counting sequence starting with one to thirty, using the pointer to follow the number sequence. Over time, increase the range to one to fifty and then one to one hundred. Eventually have a student take over the job of pointing out the numbers in the sequence. Highlight the multiples of ten using a marker or a colored screen and have students chant the counting sequence by 10s. This should be done daily.

IM Commentary

  • Counting the days in the month every day is another great place to practice the counting sequence; first count the number of days total, and then count from the current date to the end of the month to get practice starting at numbers other than one.

  • Daily transitions are another great opportunity to practice oral counting; for example, the teacher can say, "Clean up by the time I count to twenty, count with me," or "Meet me in the meeting area before I count backward from 10."

  • Individual student number lines can be made using two 0-99 charts copied on two different colors of paper. Cover the back of each paper with masking tape and leave a short piece hanging off the edge of the paper on the right side. Make sure the left side of the paper is cut flush with the edge of the chart. Cut each 0-99 chart into strips, ie. 0-9 into one strip, 10-19 into another and so on, then connect the 0-9 of one color to the 10-19 of the other color, alternating until you have a complete number line from 0-99 that alternates colors for each different number family. This will make two complete number lines. Students can be given individual number lines and practice counting on their own or in pairs. Multiples of ten can be highlighted with a marker and students can practice counting by 10s.

  • Once students have been introduced to counting by tens, a large foam place value die (00-90) can be used to practice counting by tens from whatever multiple of ten is rolled to give students practice starting from various points.


Start the counting sequence with one to thirty, then over time increasing to one to fifty and then one to one hundred.

Count by tens: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100.