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Pick a Number, Counting On

Alignments to Content Standards: K.CC.A.2



The teacher puts multiple numbers in a hat or on sticks from the known counting sequence. S/he randomly picks one number and asks the class to count on ten numbers from that number. The class does this chorally.

IM Commentary

  • This activity should be done with the whole group.

  • It could be played a few times a week with just one number, or multiple times at once.

  • The teacher will change the numbers in the hat or on the sticks as the class is able to count higher (as the known sequence increases).

  • The teacher can have the class count more then ten numbers on from the chosen number as the class gains higher levels of counting fluency.

  • The teacher can use a 100's chart or a number line to point to the numbers as students count to scaffold and create an association between the written numeral and the spoken number name.