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Shape Hunt Part 1

Alignments to Content Standards: K.G.A


This game is a scavenger hunt. It can be played indoors or outdoors.

In the play area, the teacher should scatter 6 shapes cut out of construction paper attached to whatever appropriate surfaces are nearby. The shapes should be clearly numbered.

Students go out to the play area with a blank paper with 6 empty slots. When the student finds a shape they should copy it to their own paper in the appropriate spot.


IM Commentary

Any kind of scaling in the student drawings should be strictly informal. It can be avoided altogether by making the designated shapes fit into the student papers, although to meet the standard the students should not be able to just trace.

One possible modification: instead of having every shape explicitly made out of construction paper, have some (or all) shapes be items in the world that are labeled with the appropriate number tag. For example, a square bulletin board marked with a number would require the students to copy a square onto their paper.