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Shirt Sale

Alignments to Content Standards: 6.RP.A.3.c


Selina bought a shirt on sale that was 20% less than the original price. The original price was $\$ $5 more than the sale price. What was the original price? Explain or show work.

IM Commentary

There are several different ways to reason through this problem; two approaches are shown.


Solution: Tape diagram

Solution: A tape diagram (known in some circles as a strip or bar diagram) shows the solution in a very succinct way:


Since the difference between the original price and the sale price is $\$ $5, which is also 20% of the original price, the original price is 5 times $\$ $5.

The original price was $\$ $25.

Solution: Dividing by a fraction

We know that 20% of the original price is $\$ $5. Furthermore, 20% of the original price is the same thing as $\frac{20}{100}=\frac15$ of the original price. We know that $\frac15$ of a quantity is 5, so we can solve this problem by dividing 5 by $\frac15$ (this is a Group Size Unknown problem).

$$5 \div \frac15 = 25$$

So the original price was $\$ $25.