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Dice Addition 2

Alignments to Content Standards: K.OA.A.1 K.OA.A.2


Adding two numbers to make an equation.


  • One pair of dice per student
  • A recording sheet for the activity. For example:



The students roll the dice. They record the numbers on the dice, one as the first addend and the other as the second addend in the equation, with numerals or dot pattern from the dice. They count all the dots and record the total in the equation.

IM Commentary

This task is similar to K.CC,OA Dice Addition 1 but asks students to write equations, not just record sums, when using dice to generate sums. Students can work in pairs, taking turns using one set of dice. Students may need to use smaller numbered dice, which can be easily made. A number chart should be available for those students who cannot write teen numbers on their own. A recording sheet could be made so that the students could draw the dice patterns before they add them together.

As students become proficient using two dice with dots, change to one dice with numerals and one dice with dots. This will help promote the development of counting on to solve addition.


The students practice adding and writing equations for sums of numbers between 1 and 6.