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Jayden’s Snacks

Alignments to Content Standards: 6.NS.B.3


Jayden has \$20.56. He buys an apple for 79 cents and a granola bar for \$1.76.

  1. How much money did Jayden spend?
  2. How much money does Jayden have now?

IM Commentary

Building on their fifth grade experiences with operations on decimal numbers, sixth grade students should find the task to be relatively easy. The emphasis her is on whether students are actually fluent with the computations, so teachers could use this as a formative assessment task if they monitor how students solve the problem. Students who struggle with this task in sixth grade will need extra support.


  1. Jayden paid 79 cents for an apple. 79 cents is also written as \$0.79. Jayden paid \$1.76 for a granola bar. All together Jayden spent \$0.79 + \$1.76 = \$2.55.

  2. If Jayden started with \$20.56 and spent \$2.55, Jayden has \$20.56 - \$2.55 = \$18.01 left.