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Student Tasks

Throwing Horseshoes
Comparing Rational and Irrational Numbers
Mixing Fertilizer
Increasing or Decreasing? Variation 1
Quadrupling Leads to Halving
Kitchen Floor Tiles
Mixing Candies
The Bank Account
Animal Populations
Delivery Trucks
Delivery Trucks, assessment variation
Profit of a company, assessment variation
Radius of a Cylinder
Taxes and Sales
Forms of exponential expressions
A Lifetime of Savings
YouTube Explosion
Seeing Dots
The Physics Professor
Modeling London's Population
A Cubic Identity
Profit of a company
Triangle Series
Domino Addition
Computations with Complex Numbers
Sum of Even and Odd
Building a General Quadratic Function
Graphs of Quadratic Functions
Increasing or Decreasing? Variation 2
Ice Cream
Course of Antibiotics
Cantor Set
Goody Bags
Counting Dots in Arrays

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